Here are some of the kind things clients say about my work…


Chris is one of the best writers I know. She leads with the kind of curiosity and empathy very few people have—and it shows in her writing. It's human, captivating, and most of all, effective. I've tried to hire her full-time, and I'll try again. If you have a chance to work with her, her copywriter services are worth every penny.

Mike Duerksen
Founder & CEO, BuildGood

Chris, your writing is creative, conversational, and easy to read—I often find myself at the end of a 4-page letter you’ve drafted without knowing how I got there so quickly.

Natasha O’Donnell, CFRE
Director, Direct & Digital Marketing
Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation

Christine provided an opportunity to look at the Foundation's fundraising with a new lens. She is a curious, big picture thinker with an eye for detail.  Christine demonstrated a deep understanding of our mission and values and was able to tell our story beautifully.

Laurie Flood
Executive Director
St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation

Well, let me put it this way…I left a printed copy of your document on the dinner table last night. My wife, a career international journalist, picked up the document and started reading it. Then she started crying… after, as she was wiping her tears, she told me "JP this is good!" She is anything but gullible. She is a painful critic and a sharp shooter. She bought your message!

Fundraising Strategist

Christine is a PR maven turned fundraising storyteller. She simply writes amazing copy.

Danielle Boucher
Principal, Philanthropica
Founder, Prosperix Group
Principal and Charity Champion, BarterPay

..the class has started thinking in different ways about their fundraiser—more than only a project.

Emin Civi
Marketing Professor
University of New Brunswick, Saint John

What a fantastic way to begin paving the road to growth for Connection Dance Works. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Marcia Dysart
Board Chair
Connection Dance Works

Thanks to Chris, I landed my first non-profit client after I went out on my own! She is a connector, and a great person to have in your network.

Elizabeth Murphy
Vice President
Colum Consultants

I can vouch for Christine’s gift for writing great fundraising texts! Thanks to her we launched a very successful campaign!

Marc Lapointe, MBA, CFRE
Vice President
BNP Philanthropic Performance Atlantic

Christine was a shooting star!!! Her work was extraordinary. Bold. Different. Surprising. She will make you money.

Tom Ahern
President, Tom Ahern Communications
One of North America’s leading authorities on donor communications

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