Fast Fact: How Postal Indicia Can Save You Time and Money on Direct Mail

I is for Indicia

In direct mail lingo, the postal indicia is the mark on the envelope that shows you have paid for postage. 📬

Essentially, it’s a postage stamp printed directly on the envelope. It’s customizable and less expensive than stamps.

And in case you’re wondering how to pronounce it, there’s a raging debate happening over on LinkedIn that’s sure make you chuckle.

1️⃣ in-dee-cee-a?
2️⃣ in-dish-sha?
3️⃣ in-dee-shuh?

No matter how you pronounce it, the postal indicia is a practical option for large mailings.

Speaking of large mailings… there’s lots of helpful information on the Canada Post / Postes Canada website.

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