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News on How You’re Creating a Healthier Future in New Brunswick and Beyond

I love writing donor impact newsletters! It’s so much fun to say thank you and to show donors how remarkable they are.

I especially love writing headlines for the various newsletter stories. I get to be punny. And I get to lavish donors with love.

We know this sort of donor communication sparks joy.

What you may not know is a newsletter, done right, can also raise a lot of money.


Have a look at the entire newsletter pack below.

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Outer Envelope - Holiday Newsletter

Your Special Holiday Newsletter is Enclosed

This simple teaser statement is proven to entice donors to open your mail.

And when you apply the tips you’ll find below to your newsletter writing, donors will be even more eager to rip that envelope and dive in.


Cover Letter - Holiday Newsletter

Everyone here at the Foundation sends heartfelt Holiday wishes to you, your family, and your friends.

May your days be healthy and bright. And may our warmth and gratitude delight.

This was a totally re-vamped newsletter. We made it more donor-focused by using the word YOU a lot and by highlighting how our donor’s kindness has made the community better.

And, because we were trying something new, we invited donors to share their feedback.

I’m pleased to report that donors were thrilled with the stories.
(The best Christmas gift a copywriter could ever ask for!)

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Holiday Newsletter

There are lots of incredible resources to help you create newsletters that will surprise and delight donors.

My all-time favourite trusted resource is Making Money with Donor Newsletters, by Tom Ahern.

I’d love to help you learn the art of donor newsletters. Please feel welcome to get in touch. I’ll help connect you with more educational tools (and I can help with writing, too).

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