Lights Of Hope Holiday Appeal – St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation


Your warm kindness…
Welcomes those in need. Heals the sick.
And brings light in their hour of darkness.

This Christmas appeal features the Alrajabs, a Syrian family who came to Saint John as refugees. They’ve found comfort and community at St. Joseph’s Hospital and they’re keen share their gratitude.

“The Alrajab family knows your kind heart is behind the compassion they feel,” Executive Director Laurie Flood wrote to donors. “Even through a translator, it was clear this sweet family feels your love. They thanked us over and over for allowing them to give back to the hospital that has given so much to them.”

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Appeal Letter - Lights of Hope

Across cultures, a candle in the window says welcome.

Its warm, inviting glow a symbol of hospitality and openness – a beacon of hope and a greeting for anyone, friend, or stranger, who might be passing by.

Lights of Hope first launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients in the hospital were isolated. No visitors allowed. Donors wanted to help. So, the Foundation got the idea to put candles in every patient’s window. Battery operated candles — safety first, of course!

The Foundation added a candle for every $250 raised before the end of December.

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The Reply Device - Lights of Hope Appeal

Yes, Laurie! I want to give the gift of light and hope this Christmas.

You can count on me to help ensure St. Joseph’s Hospital has the critical funds for its most urgent needs. Helping St. Joe’s continue to adapt and care for our entire community is important to me.

When donors check the box in front of this statement, they’re affirming their feelings of:

  • Autonomy (Yes, I want to take action)
  • Competence (Yes, I’m someone you can count on)
  • Connectedness with the organization’s mission and their community (Yes, caring for my community is important to me).

We know from Philanthropic Psychology that when we boost donor’s feelings of competence, connectedness, and autonomy, they feel better about themselves. And when donors feel better about themselves, their giving grows.

We also invited donors to a message of hope to patients or staff at St. Joseph’s — another way to boost connectedness and competence.

If you’d like to know more about the science of Phil Psych® and how it can help you grow love and strengthen your bond with your donors, get in touch. I love nerdy fundraising chats!