Holiday Appeal – Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation


Aloha means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth and caring.

We took a bit of a chance veering from the traditional holiday colours and messaging, but the spirit of Aloha called to our hearts. And we thought it would pull at our donor’s hearts, too.

Turns out, our hunch was right. Donors loved Terry’s warm, personal invitation to share their spirit of Aloha.

Have a look at the entire pack below.

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Outer Envelope - Aloha Holiday Appeal

A heartwarming story of care, made possible by you. Look inside.

And look they did!

It seems the warmth of Aloha stood out among the reams of holiday appeals.

We used a number 10 envelope (because that’s the only option we had due to a paper shortage!) and personalized it with the donor’s name and address laser-printed.

It may cost a little more to print addresses, but it feels a heck of a lot more friendly than a window envelope, don’t you think?

Appeal Letter - Aloha Holiday Appeal

Will you spread the spirit of Aloha to cancer patients this holiday season?

Inside, donors found a letter from Hawaiian shirt aficionado, Terry. He’s also a grateful patient and donor to the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Terry spent 6 weeks in the hospital’s hostel during the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s been a patient in hospitals in the Canada and the US, but he felt there was something unique about the Saint John Regional Hospital.

“A culture of care,” as he called it. “Like the spirit of Aloha in Hawaii.”

Terry’s personal letter struck a warm chord with donors.

And the gifts poured in…

  • One donor sent a $10,000 gift and a personal note to Terry.
  • Another donor sent a Christmas card to Terry along with her gift.
  • Several donors wrote Aloha in the note section of their cheques.

Feel the love? We sure do.

Click here to open the letter as a PDF

The Lift Note - Aloha Holiday Appeal

Dr. Samantha Gray, beloved Medical Oncologist at the Saint John Regional Hospital, signed the lift note.

We know that adding a bit of extra information in the appeal pack “lifts” response (hence the name lift note).

“Patients feel your friendly touches through the hands of our compassionate, caring medical professionals,” her letter said.

Patients see your generosity in the smiling faces of our hardworking medical support staff.”

“Your thoughtfulness makes those special Aloha touches possible.”

Click here to open the lift note as a PDF

The Reply Device - Aloha Holiday Appeal

“Would you like your gift of Aloha to reach even more patients?
A monthly donation will spread your Aloha spirit to patients and staff all year round.

Imagine more patients like Terry getting incredible care at the Saint John Regional. You can make that happen.”

The copy helps donors feel the impact of their gift—with a particular focus on monthly giving.

“Feel” is the operative word here.

Giving is an emotional process. We give with our hearts, not our brains. We give out of love.

So, as copywriters, it’s our job to show donors how their love will make the world a better place.

Aloha, friends. I hope this information is helpful!