Lumpy Mail Gets Opened

Lumpy mail? 📫✉️

It’s the term used to describe direct mail appeal packs that stand out from the common flat envelope or postcards because there’s an additional object included to make them ‘lumpy’.

The object could be anything from a paperclip, a balloon, a magnet, a card…

One creative fundraiser I know added a tea bag (it accompanied the cutest warm cup-of-tea-themed letter). 🍵✅

The idea behind lumpy mail is simple: it gets attention. It arouses curiosity and interest. It creates a sense of anticipation and excitement. It can make your recipient feel special and valued.

And most importantly, lumpy mail gets opened. 

I know from my personal experience, any piece of lumpy mail that makes its way to my mailbox gets opened 100% of the time! Who can resist?

And folks in the direct mail industry confirm that the return on investment (ROI) for lumpy mail is considerably better than with traditional letters. (Yes, the cost is higher, too, but that pain far outweighs the gain.)

According to the Direct Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report, 3D dimensional (AKA lumpy) mailings outperform standard direct mail formats by 250%, but only increase the cost per lead by 50%.


So, I’m curious… 🤔

💌 Have you tried lumpy mail before?
📩 What did you use and how did it work?

Would you share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below?

And if you’d like advice on incorporating lumpy mail into your direct mail campaign, I hope you’ll feel welcome to reach out to me. You’ll find my contact information on my website.

I hope you enjoy this tip to amp your direct mail Waaay Up!


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