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Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation (Canada) is where I learned to love fundraising. And when I started freelancing, the foundation was one of my early clients. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to again contribute and help this incredible team. 


Radio-thon Direct Mail Appeal - Winter 2022

What do transistor radios and TVs with rabbit ears have to do with our hospital? 

Holiday Giving Direct Mail Appeal - 2021

This one's personal. It's the story of my partner Bob's journey with cancer and how grateful we are for caring donors to the hospital foundation.

Canada East Spine Centre Direct Mail Appeal - Spring 2021

Spine surgery patient Dale, an avid curler, contemplates sitting in a wheelchair to curl with the wheelchair team. The pain had gotten that bad...

Advancing Philanthropy Magazine - July 2018



Prisoners of Conscience (UK) is a fascinating organization and a real honour to work with. They provide emergency relief, employability assistance, and financial grants to people being persecuted for standing up against human rights abuses.



Spring 2021 Newsletter

For the spring newsletter to donors, we did a total redesign of the layout. We also focused on content that shows donors how their kindness makes a huge difference in the lives of prisoners of conscience all over the world. 

Spring 2021 Direct Mail Appeal

The story you’re about to read is deeply troubling. And, unfortunately, it is not fake news. It’s a story of a prisoner of conscience – a real-life story of a journalist sent to jail – simply for doing his job...



St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation (Canada)

2021 Lights of Hope Holiday Appeal - Holiday 2021

2021 September for St. Joe's Appeal -Fall 2021

This is a real feel-good letter. It's warm and personal. And it paints a vivid picture of how donors' gifts will brighten patients' lives. And Mrs. W, the grateful patient in the story, is just so darned lovely!

Lights of Hope Appeal + Follow-up - Holiday 2020

This appeal letter and follow-up were such a joy to write. It was the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and the idea of a hospital on a hill shining bright with candlelight - a beacon of hope to the entire community... Well, it still puts a lump right in my throat. 



New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation (Canada)

2020 Annual Report

This was the foundation's first-ever annual report, so it had to serve several purposes: It had to highlight the foundation's credibility and past success. It also had to inform potential donors about the organization. And, finally (and most importantly) it needed to show the foundation's current donors just how great they are and how their gifts are improving health care for all New Brunswickers. 

If you have a moment, pop over to page 12 and read my favourite part: Encouragement is the Best Medicine. It was such a pleasure to chat with Mr. Huestis. I loved hearing what motivates him to support medical students in the region. 





 Association of Fundraising Professionals NB Chapter (Canada)

Foundation Magazine 

This story was fun to write and tell. It's the story of how a group of board members went from thinking that fundraising is icky to getting really excited about all the cool ways they could get involved in raising money. Everything changed when they learned the concept of A Culture of Philanthropy...








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