How to Get More Mileage From Your Fundraising Copywriting

A client asked:

“Last year’s appeal was a huge success. Can we use that story again in another fundraising appeal?” 

Yes! You can. And you should.

Give it a refresh if necessary. But absolutely use it again. Especially if it was successful.

We put a lot of effort and love into our storytelling. We pore over every word, comma, and design component. Because we care. Because we want to delight and inspire our donors.

We forget that our donors don’t spend the same amount of time focused on us — a lesson I learned years back when I wrote my very first fundraising appeal letter.

Shortly after the appeal was mailed, my stepmother called me at work.

🗨️ “I got your letter, hun,” she said.

🗨️ “Ooh! I’m excited to hear what you think. Did you like the part about…?”

🗨️ “Oh, I didn’t read it, hun. I just sent in my cheque.”


See what I mean? 🙄

So, yes. It’s absolutely okay to reuse and repurpose your content. Many experts say you can repeat a successful appeal three+ times before you’ll start to see a drop in response.

Repetition is important to reach your audience.

Just because you’ve heard it before, doesn’t mean your donors have. 😆


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