Dusting Off My Creative Side

I’m clearly outta practice. 😆

But it felt great to bust out the chalk and dust off my creative side.

What sparked this new office art, you ask?

I’m feeling invigorated. 🔥

I just returned from the #AFPICON fundraising conference in Toronto. It was my first ever ICON.

The conference reminded me why I’m fired up about philanthropy and why I love my fundraising copywriting career.

I got so much energy from connecting live and in person with new and old fundraising friends. 👈You all are sparks in in my fundraising campfire.

💛 (Sadly, my dearest fundraising mentor was not at ICON this year. Sending love. I hope you know how grateful I am for your friendship.)

Thank you to everyone for reigniting my creative side and my love of humankind.

Like this doodle, I’m a work in progress, and I’m lucky to have so many fundraising mentors and friends to grow with.


So, what’s this doodle all about?

The heart: It’s compassion, empathy, and core of philanthropy.

The plant: A delicate sprout pushing through the chalk dust. It represents growth and resilience.

The Bic Crystal pen: My trusty writing companion and the only pen that doesn’t smudge or scratch when I scribble notes. (It’s a left-hander thing. IYKYK).

The ink trail: It morphs into an arrow, pointing up—waaaay up.


But why go old skool with a chalkboard?

I spent hours playing school as a kid. I always wanted to be a teacher.

I’d write and draw. I’d practice writing in a straight line…

So, when I wanted some art to go above my desk in my home office, thought Ah ha! a chalkboard! Customizable art!

I love the dusty texture of the erased chalk.

I can practice art and leave myself inspirational messages.

And I can remind myself how far I’ve come and where I’m excited to go.


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