Have You Heard of Doubling Day?

What’s Doubling Day?

If you send direct mail, doubling day is a neat calculation to help you predict how your appeal will perform. 📬

Doubling day is the point when you can anticipate that have the responses have come in. You can use doubling day to predict the total amount of money your appeal will raise.

Here in Canada, doubling day seems to land around the 25-day mark.

So, 25 days after your appeal hits mailboxes, add up the amount of money your appeal has raised to date and multiply it by two. The answer will give you a prediction of the total your appeal will bring in.

Doubling day is a great tool to help determine if you’ll meet targets.

😀 It sure is a rush to do the math and realize your appeal is destined to be an over-achiever!

😟 And on the flip side, if your calculations warn that your appeal is slacking off, maybe you still have time to revive it with a strong follow-up action plan.

  • Do you use doubling day to predict response?
  • When does doubling day usually fall in your neck of the woods?

I’m interested to hear about your experiences. Leave a comment and let me know.


P.S. Feel free to share campaign success or challenge stories in the comments, too. Fundraising can feel lonely sometimes. I’m here to cheer you on or be a shoulder for you to lean on. 🧡

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