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Crisis communications and issues management


Managing a crisis

To manage a crisis effectively, it's important  to understand what defines a crisis and to know when and how to act.

I can help you navigate communications with stakeholders, the public, the appropriate authorities, and media in a way that will minimize harm to your business or brand and ensure safety and security for all involved.


Crisis preparedness

An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.

Being prepared with a crisis plan before a crisis hits means less time figuring out what to do and more energy focused on resolving the crisis quickly and effectively.

I can help you prepare a plan and practice your crisis management skills before a crisis strikes by developing your crisis team and materials, identifying spokespeople, and creating contingency plans that will help protect your business or brand. 


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One of my biggest  pet-peeves - when spokespeople start a statement with 'Look' - made it to the list.

MediaFirst: Don't let your employees be the forgotten audience during a crisis by Adam Fisher  Good news, or bad, all too often, front-line employees are the last to know. It's important find the right balance that keeps employees informed while protecting your brand and any sensitive information.