Way Up Strategic Solutions

A unique mix of corporate and non-profit communications expertise


Hi, I'm Christine Gilliland.  LinkedIn

I approach communications with a unique perspective of international corporate and non-profit experience.

I've managed media relations, designed and created marketing and fundraising materials, created and delivered training programs, written policy documents for marketing, sales, and public relations, handled consumer liability claims and product recalls, and guided non-profit organizations successfully through major threats to funding and public support.

I'll work side-by-side with your team to identify your most important goals and develop an action plan to help you reach them. Together, we'll consciously craft your message and image in a way that showcases your brand’s unique personality. 


Way Up Values

Leave it better than you found it

I'm driven to leave everything I touch better than I found it. Community involvement, sharing knowledge, and helping others grow are my major motivators. 


Cultivate roots and grow wings

All interactions and transactions are opportunities to build trust and share knowledge. When community members feel connected and supported, they grow and spread their wings. I believe it’s important to share expertise and help every member of our community grow and excel.



What’s Up with the name?

Here’s a hint: 
Way Up will sound very familiar to Canadians of a certain vintage with fond memories of watching their favourite morning CBC TV shows in black & white.


Think you guessed it?  Need another hint? Give a shout and weigh in!