A bit about me


I like potatoes. And anything dairy.

I was in Ireland the first time someone pronounced my surname on the first try.

Je parle français – un peu.

My certificat en français langue seconde from Université Laval led to a 15-year career with Danone North America, a French-owned food and beverage company.

While there, I managed consumer affairs, regulatory compliance, and liability claims for brands like Evian Natural Spring Water.

I developed strong research, fact-checking, and marketing skills during those years at Danone.

I'll put those skills to work to ensure efficiency and accuracy in everything I produce for you. 

My first 'real' job was in tourism.

Fun fact: My hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada is the only city on the awe-inspiring Bay of Fundy — and record-holder for the highest tides in the world.

I always wanted to be a writer.

Teachers and university professors told me I had talent. I wanted to believe them, but self-doubt would always creep in.

Then, my tourism boss asked me to write an article for a travel magazine. And it got published!

I still have a copy of the magazine among my most prized possessions.

My professional life has always involved some form of writing — technical writing, marketing writing, creative writing...

I never imagined I'd become a fundraiser.

In fact, early fundraising experiences — like peddling those promotional candy bars in school — ick! I hated it.

But when I started thinking of fundraising as the gentle art of teaching people the joy of giving* — well, that was my big aha! moment.

I found my thing — helping others learn the gentle art of fundraising communications!

* Hank Rosso, author of Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising

I won’t bore you with the details.

But if you want to know more about my professional experience, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Or just poke around my profile.

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